How do you lead your team in building a future funded ministry?

Why a Stewardship Advisor could be exactly what your organization needs.

Someone who can help address the financial stressors employees are facing.

Employees are constantly facing financial stress. Often, those problems follow us to the workplace. Many organizations we serve describe this effect as a barrier to productivity.

A Stewardship Advisor provides relief by working with the individuals on your staff, and offering comprehensive financial plans to them. Our state-of-the-art financial planning software, combined with their dedicated practice, means that employees can expect to have their financial goals and objectives mapped out in an easy-to-understand way. Advisors work with them to maintain that plan, including regular checkups. An advisor can also help them navigate the many different difficult financial circumstances unique to each employee.

Someone who can give investment advice and maximize the effectiveness of your retirement plan.

Whether you are a new investor or aging closer to retirement, the same problem plagues us all. Individuals in all walks of life are constantly trying to adapt and decide on the best investment options for their portfolio.

Not only are Stewardship Advisors licensed to give investment advice, but they also have the experience necessary to understand how investment decisions will impact the financial objectives of your staff. Portfolio structure can be daunting because of its lifetime impact on savings, so this is a natural area to seek guidance. The best part is that individualized investment advice is a great way to maximize your retirement plan and inspire confidence in employees.

Someone who can guide employees to their future funded ministry in retirement.

Not all retirements look the same, and yet they all share something amazing in common. God’s calling on our life doesn’t end when leisure starts. All retirees will be faced with a decision… “How is God calling me to use my gifts, even in retirement?”

Stewardship Advisors understand this common dilemma down to its core. They operate from the perspective that one’s ministry to the kingdom doesn’t just end at age 59 and a half. Instead, individuals commonly refer to retirement as their future funded ministry. As staff members age and build up their retirement accounts, they will need unique guidance for their life, their family, and their legacy.

WE have You Covered

Investment Advice

Our advisors are licensed and know your plan well. They are prepared to lead each employee with tailored investment advice for their retirement plan & personal portfolio.

Financial Planning

Everyone’s situation is different, and many employees have unique financial objectives. Our advisors are passionate about walking alongside your staff and seeing their plan through to success.

Intuitive Guidance

A Stewardship Advisor is prepared to become integrated with your organization’s unique culture. They are like-minded and, most importantly, are able to lead members to their future funded ministry.
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